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Spring Into Action to Prevent Excess Earwax

Spring Into Action to Prevent Excess Earwax

When spring comes around, noses start running and eyes start watering water, but wait - what about our ears? Well it turns out, the allergies many of us experience during spring ("hay fever") also affect earwax production as well.

We see a spike in airborne allergies in spring due to plants and trees pollinating more as the weather warms up, causing our bodies to attempt to "guard" us from those allergens that it mistakenly sees as dangerous. In response, your eyes get itchy and watery, your nose gets itchy and runny, you may sneeze more often, and yes, even your ears become clogged.

Easy fix right? You go to the store and buy some allergy medicine and all is well. Well unfortunately that won't fix the earwax problem. Earwax production (or overproduction in this case) isn't affected by antihistamines found in allergy medications. But lucky for you, that's where the Wax-Rx comes in handy!

The Wax-Rx gives you gentle and effective ear cleaning at home, and it comes with 3 complete uses. Skip the trip to the doctor and get the same earwax removal method used by medical professionals across the country.

Or if you need a refill kit, now is the perfect time to get it! Keep your ears safe from spring allergies using the Wax-Rx Ear Wash system.

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved