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Got Earwax? We've Got Answers

Got Earwax? We've Got Answers

You may already know that Wax-Rx is made by Doctor Easy, the inventor of the ear washer, whose products have been trusted by doctors, clinics, and consumers for over 20 years...or maybe you didn't know that. But now you do! In case you were wondering, here are some of the top questions we've received about the Wax-Rx along with the answers to those questions.


Is it good to have earwax? Should it even be removed?
Some of our ears are more susceptible to earwax buildup than others. While earwax plays a role in keeping ears free from dirt, bacteria, and itchiness, many people suffer from earwax buildup that can cause pain, infections, and muffled hearing. Check out some of the feedback from people who suffered from earwax buildup.


Do ear candles work?
No, studies show that ear candles do not effectively remove wax and can be very dangerous. In fact, the FDA has issued warnings to consumers and healthcare providers alike not to use ear candles due to the risk of major burns and serious injury from candle wax entering the ear canal. For more information about why ear candles don’t work, visit


Are cotton swabs effective for cleaning ears?
No, cotton swabs can push wax deeper into the ear canal which can lead to impactions and even ear infections. There’s even a warning on every box of cotton swabs that states not to use in the ear canal! For more information about why cotton swabs are ineffective, visit


Do any retail stores carry the Wax-Rx?
Yes, over 7,000 Walmart locations across the U.S. carry the Wax-Rx, as well as other retailers including Walgreens, Kroger, Bartell Drugs, The Little Clinic, Wegmans, Kinney Drugs, Discount Drug Mart, Thrifty White, and Harmon Face Values. For a complete list, visit


Why do I have to use VERY WARM WATER when washing my ears? Does it really matter?
YES! Using cold water, or water that is less than body temperature, WILL cause dizziness. Using hot water can scald the ear canal, so ALWAYS USE VERY WARM (not hot or cold) WATER when washing your ears. See our complete instructions on preparing water for ear cleaning.




Did we answer your question? If not, don't worry.


You can find more FAQ's at or send us a message by visiting and we'll do our best to help!

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved