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Save Money and Time with Wax-Rx

Save Money and Time with Wax-Rx

Your doctor might miss you but you won't miss the bill!

Let's face it, ear wax can be expensive!

The average copay is $30 for an ear cleaning. Wax-Rx offers safe and effective at-home cleaning for only $13.31 a use during your first purchase of the Ear Wash System (and then only $2.49 a use after the purchase of a refill kit!).* For those that suffer from ear wax buildup, it makes sense to save money while relieving clogged ears from the convenience of their home.

If you’re experiencing excessive ear wax, getting a professional-quality cleaning with Wax-Rx may sound like music to your ears (and money in your wallet).

Get a professional cleaning without the professional cost by clicking here!

*Cost of Wax-RX Ear Wash System and Refill Kit per use.

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved