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Let Your Grandparents Know You Care, Get Them a Wax-Rx Kit!

Let Your Grandparents Know You Care, Get Them a Wax-Rx Kit!

Does your grandpa or grandma end up saying “Huh? What?” way too often?

It might be time to get them a Wax-Rx™ Ear Wash System! As people age, their ears slowly lose their ability to clean themselves, causing earwax blockages to become more common in older people.* The Wax-Rx Ear Wash System offers a quick and easy way to gently remove the earwax blockages that could be causing hearing loss and discomfort, and at worst cause them to develop permanent hearing loss.**

The Ear Wash system could make a great gift for your older parents or grandparents to show them that you care about their continued health and quality of life!

Here’s what a customer had to say when he bought the Wax-Rx System for his aging father:


“I used the Wax-Rx on my father who I take care of and has had hearing problems for years because of wax, the first use cleared him up and he has not had any hearing problems since. This product works amazingly well and I would recommend it to anyone having problems with ear wax.” -Anthony

The Wax-Rx™ Ear Wash System: available for purchase online or at a Walgreens near you.

*according to the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association.

**Not all hearing loss is caused by excess wax. If ear wax removal does not improve hearing, consult a medical professional.

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved