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Help Soothe Swimmer's Ear with Earvana

Help Soothe Swimmer's Ear with Earvana

When summer starts, most of us start to hear the siren song of the water. The days start getting warmer and longer, and pools and beaches look more and more inviting.

But with summer swimming also comes swimmer’s ear season! Fun!

Swimmer’s ear is a condition where the outer ear canal is infected, often caused by water remaining in the ear canal after swimming. Typical symptoms include redness, discomfort, and an irritating itching sensation inside your ear. Scratching, especially with dirty fingers, can potentially lead to permanent damage. There goes winning at games of “Marco, Polo!”

But don’t fret! And don’t cancel your plans to go swimming in the summer. Earvana™ Soothing Ear Rinse can help.

Use Earvana after swimming to rinse pool, beach, and lake water out of your ears. Earvana’s clean, non-greasy vitamin C formula is designed to approximate the pH of a healthy ear canal. Rinsing with Earvana leaves ears feeling fresh, without harsh chemicals. It’s also great after showering.

Make your ears say, “Aahhhh…” with Earvana™ Ear Rinse! Also available at a Walgreens near you!

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