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The Signs and Symptoms of Ear Wax Build-Up

The Signs and Symptoms of Ear Wax Build-Up

Wondering if your ears are filled with wax? Signs that you may have impacted wax are: a clogged feeling in the ears, dizziness, a feeling of pressure, itching, and the feeling that water is trapped in your ear.

All of these symptoms can leave you feeling miserable. To relieve these symptoms, you need to clean your ears. But, DON’T use cotton swabs or ear pics in your ears! Don’t use ear candles (these are shown to be hoaxes) and don’t use a water pic (the pressure from a water pic can damage the eardrum.)

Every month, use the Wax-Rx Ear Washer to prevent wax build up and save yourself a trip to the doctor or clinic.

Happy Ear Washing!

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved