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I followed the directions to the T. This is the first product that has worked for my husband, every other time after I try a product he always ends up going to the doctor to finish it. This time it worked and he can hear, Thank You!!!!

Renee M.

Only used it once so far. Expect it will do what I want, ie remove wax easily without a trip to the clinic.


I can't believe how well it works. My ears haven't felt this good for a long time. I could never seem to get all the wax out. But this product really works. Thank you.

Jeff B.

It worked real good just like at the doctors office. I have been looking for something like this for a long time because I constantly have problems with wax in my ears. Thank you so much!!!!

Kathy V.

Absolutely loved this clean-ear system. Far superior to anything else on the market, and I've tried several competitors.

Rob J.

Perfect! I had ear wax troubles for years and recently used a swap (even though I knew I shouldn't) to try and clean some out. It made it so much worse I could barely hear anything out of my left ear. Wax-Rx worked exactly as I had hoped and I was able to get a HUGE ball of wax out of my ear and have my hearing restored!

Bobby H.

It's a mystery, but my right ear gets clogged and the left ear is clear. I thought I had gone deaf in my right ear and went to the doctor. My out-of-pocket cost for blowing wax out of my ear was $100. Holy moly! I figure this purchase has saved me $260 for the 3 applications included. It worked great! Disgusting, but great. Easy peasy. I put drops in for 10 minutes and rinsed out the problem. Highly recommend!

Ruth T.

I am a music producer and I have been having an issue with my hearing on one ear. I asked my physician to examine my ear and she said it was impacted and I need to flush it out. I had to make an appointment. I saw your commercial on tv and it was sign from above... I bought the Wax Rx kit, followed the directions to the tee and voila!!!! I can hear and make sweet music. Thank you Wax Rx!!!

Harry S.

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