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Copy of How To Use

Follow these simple steps for the same thorough, gentle ear cleaning you would get at the doctor’s office.

A. Slide splash shield onto blue nozzle.
B. Insert clear plastic straw to sprayer bottom. Wax-Rx does NOT work without the straw attached to the sprayer.
 Twist clear disposable tip FITTING onto the blue nozzle, as shown. Wax-Rx does NOT work without a disposable TIP attached.


1a. Place several drops of Wax-Rx Ear Wax Removal Aid Drops in each ear and wait at least 5-10 minutes. This step will soften ear wax build-up in the ear canal, making wax easier to remove during washing. Keep drops in place with cotton ear plugs provided.



1b. Warm water to a VERY WARM temperature [approx 90-95ºF] in a heat-safe container. Do not overheat. [Because tap water quality can vary, use only distilled, filtered or previously boiled water. CAUTION: If you boil water, allow it to cool before use to avoid injury!]



2a. Fill the bottle with prepared VERY WARM [not hot or cool] WATER and attach the sprayer. Test water temp on your wrist before ear washing.

2b. Insert tip TUBING well into the ear, as shown. KEEP TIP STRAIGHT when inserting into ear so water flows freely. Tubing may be trimmed with scissors if it feels too long.

2c. Place basin under the ear and rapidly pump water into the ear. Repeat as needed to remove all wax.

For heavy wax buildup, it may be necessary to refill the bottle several times with very warm water and re-wash to dislodge ear wax


3a. Empty one packet of EarvanaTM pH Conditioning Powder into bottle and fill with VERY WARM water.

3b. Rinse ears with solution. Discard tip after use and any remaining solution. Allow bottle to dry completely before storing.

WARNINGS: Do not use in case of fever, discharge, in the presence of tympanic tubes (tubes in the ears), or if the eardrum is perforated. If you are not sure of perforation, consult a physician before using this device. Ear washing should not be painful. If you feel pain in your ears while washing, STOP! And consult a doctor. Always use very warm water (not hot or cold) on a seated person. Dizziness may occur, especially if you use cold water. For adults and children 12 years and older. For children under 12, consult a doctor before using WaxRx.

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After numerous complaints from my friends that I was talking too loud, I decided to try the Wax-Rx. Turns out, my ears were clogged! The Wax-Rx completely cleaned them out. Now my friends only complain about what I’m saying, not how loudly I’m saying it!

M. Pett

Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved