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Bobby H.

Perfect! I had ear wax troubles for years and recently used a swap (even though I knew I shouldn't) to try and clean some out. It made it so much worse I could barely hear anything out of my left ear. Wax-Rx worked exactly as I had hoped and I was able to get a HUGE ball of wax out of my ear and have my hearing restored!

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Ruth T.

It's a mystery, but my right ear gets clogged and the left ear is clear. I thought I had gone deaf in my right ear and went to the doctor. My out-of-pocket cost for blowing wax out of my ear was $100. Holy moly! I figure this purchase has saved me $260 for the 3 applications included. It worked great! Disgusting, but great. Easy peasy. I put drops in for 10 minutes and rinsed out the problem. Highly recommend!

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Harry S.

I am a music producer and I have been having an issue with my hearing on one ear. I asked my physician to examine my ear and she said it was impacted and I need to flush it out. I had to make an appointment. I saw your commercial on tv and it was sign from above... I bought the Wax Rx kit, followed the directions to the tee and voila!!!! I can hear and make sweet music. Thank you Wax Rx!!!

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Wax-Rx products are HSA/FSA approved